Obligatory follow up to my previous list.
  1. Hearing
    For a year we thought I had "cookie bite syndrome" congenital hearing loss. Then it went away. It comes and goes and drives my poor wife crazy. What? What? Sorry, didn't hear the phone ring. Didn't hear the baby cry. I have a real doctor-verified case of selective hearing loss :)
  2. Parties
    Just read Quiet by Susan Cain if you care to understand. I go with my wife because she's a social butterfly but I limit it to a few a year and I dread it all day.
  3. Travel
    I'm a homebody. I love "being" places but I don't love getting there, sleeping there, showering there, and being away from my happy place for too long.
  4. Phone calls
    I used to get nervous every time I talked on the phone to the point that my heart would race and I'd get out of breath. Weird I know. It's much better now but I still don't like it. Partly because I can't hear well and partly because I need visual cues to read people.
  5. Medical procedures
    No I don't have high blood pressure. I just have so called "white coat syndrome". When I was a kid I would pass out every time I had blood work done. Then one day when my dad was making fun of me about it for the tenth time I described how it feels and he said "well that's just because you're hyperventilating." Ever since I just pay close attention to my breathing and I'm fine.
  6. Fashion/style
    Oh my gosh I don't get it. I have no idea what looks good. It makes me so self conscious I just avoid anything flashy. Although I do think you all look great. I love @ChrisK's stripy socks. So cute. But I would never wear them because I'd be sure I'm doing it wrong.
  7. Focus
    ADD is my blessing and my curse. I honestly wouldn't wish it away but I'm terrible at paying attention to some things, especially auditory input.
  8. Sweets
    There's a box of dark chocolate caramels in my cupboard and I ate like 10 of them yesterday. I am weak.