This list ... is dumb.
  1. Burning embers
  2. A board of nails
  3. My new cat's tail.
    Old cat was not so lucky.
  4. Africa
  5. Antarctica
  6. Asia
  7. Australia
  8. Any continent starting with "A" apparently.
    Just noticed this...
  9. The wing of an airplane
  10. The roof of a semi trailer
  11. The roof of a train
    Is roof the right word?
  12. A tight rope more than 18 inches up
  13. A hover board
  14. A thing that clearly has wheels but is called a hover board anyway for some dumb reason
  15. A Segway(TM)
  16. A cruise ship
  17. A banana peel
  18. Roman Polanski
    Running out of material here...