According to her beautiful song, "Blessed".
  1. The Minister
    who practiced what he preached
  2. The Poor Man
    who said that heaven was within reach
  3. The Girl Selling Roses
    who showed us how to live
  4. The Neglected Child
    who knew how to forgive
  5. The Battered Woman
    who didn't seek revenge
  6. The Warrior
    who didn't need to win
  7. The Blind Man
    who could see for miles and miles
  8. The Fighter
    who didn't fight for the prize
  9. The Mother
    who gave up the child
  10. The Soldier
    who gave up his life
  11. The Teacher
    who didn't have a degree
  12. The Prisoner
    who knew how to be free
  13. The Mystic
    who turned water into wine
  14. The Watchmaker
    who gave up his time
  15. The Wounded Man
    who felt no pain
  16. The Wayfaring Stranger
    who knew our names
  17. The Homeless Man
    who showed us the way home
  18. The Hungry Man
    who filled us with love
  19. The Little Innocent Baby
    who taught us the truth
  20. The Forlorn, Forsaken and Abused.
    we were blessed, we were blessed, we were blessed