She's one of a kind and couldn't be more awesome.
  1. Regina Spektor
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    Here's the Regina Spektor quilt she made at grandma's house last year.
  2. The TV show Monk
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    Here's her computer log in prompt.
  3. Michael Jackson (the man, not the music)
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    Here's a snippet of her Internet search history.
  4. Michael J Fox
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    Here's another snippet of her Internet search history.
  5. Slime Molds
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    Here's her computer desktop background.
  6. Chef John from FoodWishes on YouTube
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    Here's an album she made on my phone called "My Pies."
  7. Gory costume makeup
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    Here's her friend Allison sporting one of Sophia's costume makeup works. She called this "An Axe-ident".
  8. Noses
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    Here's a page of hand-drawn noses her talented friend made for her.
  9. Climbing things
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    Here she is doing the "Iron Cross" at her school Aerial Arts class.