Well Sophie's list was popular so now I feel like a jerk for favoring my wild spunky kid over her quiet delightful sister. At the risk of sounding like one of those insufferable parents, here's what my other daughter is like. She's her sister's polar opposite, but equally awesome.
  1. Literature
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    Here're a few of the books on her shelf. Although I'm an ebook reader through and through, I love that she's a paper book fetishist. Maybe the last generation.
  2. Anything vintage-y
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    Here she is all dolled up for the Mad Men themed prom she attended with a friend, complete with vintage dress and crazy up do.
  3. Poetry
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    Here's her entry for the school poetry contest her sophomore year. She took first place. She also took first place this year and was just designated the first annual Poet Laureate of the school for her senior year next year. She will be composing and reciting poetry for various school functions.
  4. Spicy food
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    Here's her favorite pizza: pepperoni, anchovies, and jalapeño. She's loved spicy food since she was two years old.
  5. Drawing
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    She has such a distinctive colorful drawing style, I hope she keeps it up. This also hints at her dorky sense of humor which I love.
  6. Anachronisms
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    Here are her typewriters which she's named Betty Smith and Edith Wharton. She also has a Fisher Paykel record player and a collection of records old and new.
  7. REM
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    Here's one of her REM records. She has been a fan for a long time and was heart broken when they stopped touring before she ever got to see them live.
  8. Feminism
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    Here's her Rosie the Riveter magnet board with magnetic poetry.
  9. The Gilmore Girls and Family Ties
    I don't have anything to take a picture of to represent this but she does love a little Netflix time.
  10. Classical Thought
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    Here's her growing collection of classical philosophy. She's a big fan of Plato's Republic. She also has had 4 years of Latin and just finished her first year of Greek.
  11. Rome
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    She's going to Rome this summer to study Latin with the University of Dallas (high school program) and visit ancient sites.
  12. Kenyon College
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    She is enamored with the idea of enrolling at Kenyon College next year. Alas it is almost certainly beyond our reach financially. But we had a long talk about the wonderful opportunities she is sure to have wherever she goes, and she's cool with it.
  13. Aphorisms (and Ferris Bueller)
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    She has hand-drawn decorative quotes and aphorisms all over her room.