1. Would prefer to stay home
  2. Mammal
  3. Fond of crunchy food
  4. Covered entirely or partially with hair
  5. Turns nose up to mushy foods from a can
  6. Happy to hide in the back room when people come over
  7. Can sleep anywhere and in any position
  8. Not really that in to catnip
  9. Prefer most things to unplanned doctor visits
  10. Pretty tidy
  11. Currently shedding a bit
    Seriously guys, what's up with my hair? Hairs everywhere. On my desk. On my keyboard. On my shirt. In the sink. Is this what it feels like to go bald?
  12. Simple needs
  13. Loves to be alone for a little while but then starts to slowly go insane if home alone for days and days
  14. Poops in a box
    Just kidding about this one.
  15. Often feels like vomiting but never actually vomits