I'm sure this is very inspiring for all you little people.
  1. This Kurt Vonnegut finger puppet my daughter gave me a few years ago.
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    This stays magneted to my screen.
  2. This "Isabel's birthday star" craft thing my other daughter made for me years ago.
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    The brilliant star Sirius sometimes seems to flicker different colors, and one night when my girls were small we though it looked red, white, and blue. These are Isabel's "birthday colors" because she was born on July 10 and always associated her birthday with US Independence Day. When Sophia made me a star, she did it in red white and blue in honor of her sister. It's been on my desk(s) for years.
  3. This case of ASU themed sparkling cider we bought for my wife's graduation party that still hasn't happened.
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  4. My work badge
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    I don't know if it is a violation of policy to photograph my badge but it wouldn't surprise me if it is so here's a picture of the holder.
  5. Hand sanitizer
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    Because I'm paranoid when anyone in the house is sick so I sanitize constantly.
  6. Wireless keyboard and mouse.
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    Stunning, I know.
  7. Second wireless keyboard and mouse.
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    Yeah I don't really know why either.
  8. The checkbook I use exclusively to pay the plumber and the lawn guy.
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    Yes I see the plumber a lot. Old house.
  9. This cute card my daughter gave me.
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    I use it as the between-the-checks carbonless copy blocker thing when I pay the plumber and the yard guy.
  10. Fan remote for the fan in here.
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  11. Crappy wired headset.
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    I was on a quest to be able to hear better when I call in to meetings. This failed. Turns out the real answer is to not use phones. FaceTime or the fancy video conference system work way better.
  12. Battery charger.
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    For aforementioned mouse and keyboard.
  13. A cat.
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    She likes it behind my laptop. Maybe it's warm or something.
  14. iPad.
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    Was reading yesterday while waiting for computer problems to resolve themselves. Don't normally read at my desk.
  15. My "wallet".
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    I finally found a wallet I like that isn't too bulky. Also, 10 for 99¢ at Walgreens.
  16. This Apple freebie cleaning cloth.
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    No idea why I keep this. I never use it. I use cheap camera lens wipes that I buy in big boxes instead.
  17. The things I actually use to clean my Apple devices.
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    $15 for a box of 200.
  18. A pen.
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    For writing those checks.