This draft is so old it predates the open list feature. From way back in the beta days when we put our own plus sign in the title to say we were soliciting suggestions. Never published because it is stupid. #draftmas
  1. Mamie (my wife's name)
    Siri calls her "mommy". It is terribly embarrassing in public. Me: "Call my wife." Siri: "Calling Mommy Coffey..." Me: [dies a little faster]
  2. Winetavern
    This is a street name somewhere in Ireland. Siri called it Win-net-uh-verne which made us laugh.
  3. Holger Way
    This is a street in San Jose and the only time I was sure Siri was trolling me. Me: "Give me directions to 111 Holger Way" Siri [directs me to Australia] Me: [types address] Siri: [pronounces it with a hard g] Me: Oh! Ok. "Give me directions to Holger way". Siri: "I'm sorry but I can't find the address 111 Holger Way" (pronounces it with a soft g)
  4. Wilshire Boulevard
    She pronounces it will-shire (of hobbit fame), but maybe she's correct and I'm wrong?!?!
    Suggested by @linzamauve
  5. chupacabra
    The Mexican werewolf that eats goats.
    Suggested by @racytracee
  6. Houston St.
    HOW-stun (?????? what even)
    Suggested by @graceadilla