1. Neck ties
    I shall dangle a piece of decorative fabric down my front.
  2. The spelling of the word "subtlety"
    I'm sure there's some subtle reabson ibts spbelled thabt way.
  3. The concept of grave sites
    This is my small patch of earth forever.
  4. Related: The concept of embalming
    I would like to poorly preserve this final collection of matter before I bury it away never to be seen again.
  5. Rhyming words
    Hmm. Rhyming. Hmm. Yeah, weird.
  6. That men don't wear dresses and women do.
    I'm ok with women wearing dresses. But really if we had to pick one gender for dresses we did it wrong.
  7. Discordant sounds
    Whatever. It makes no sense at all. It's sound. If there's anything in the world that is totally non-offensive it is wavelengths.
  8. Someone at Apple had to decide where the 💩 emoji goes
    I guess "People" is fine but personally I would have gone with "Activity" or perhaps "Celebration".
  9. Getting a "permanent" hairdo
    We are being very loose with the definition of the word "permanent" here
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  10. That hair grows out of men's faces and then they shave it. Scary on both accounts.
    Suggested by @katecelia
  11. Ice dancing.
    Suggested by @bethany
  12. People like to put holes in their ears and decorate them with pointy metal things and nobody thinks it's weird
    Suggested by @dejenerate