1. 1649: Elie Wiesel's fictional trial of God takes place.
  2. 1713: Frederick the First of Prussia, grandfather of Frederick the Great, dies.
  3. 1759: Authorities attempt to seize all printed copies of Voltaire's Candide in Paris on the grounds that it is seditious.
  4. 1836: The patent for the Colt revolver pistol is granted.
  5. 1870: The first African American senator is sworn in.
  6. 1932: Adolf Hitler becomes a German citizen.
  7. 1952: A solar eclipse is visible in Europe.
  8. 1959: The California Vehicle Code is reorganized and adopted.
  9. 1968: Hundreds of unarmed North Vietnamese citizens are murdered in the Hà My Massacre.
  10. 1965: The insufferable and oddly muscular Carrot Top is born.
  11. 1966: Alexis Denisof of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame is born.
  12. 1966: Tea Leoni is born.
  13. 1971: Sean Astin of Goonies and Lord of the Rings fame is born.
  14. 1975: I am born.
  15. 1975: Drew Barrymore turns three days old.
    (I know you think this is nothing but this is something.)
  16. 1975: The West German Constitutional Court criminalizes abortion without justifying indications.
  17. 1976: Rashida Jones, arguably the most beautiful person on earth, is born.