1. Hershey's chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream.
    Eating this right now. That residual stuff in the bottom of the bowl is like Proust's madeline.
  2. Creamsicles.
    Just had a Rita's lemon ice with vanilla frozen custard the other day which bought this right back to the front of my consciousness.
  3. Fruit rollups.
    Haven't tasted this in 20+ years but I assume it would bring back memories.
  4. Push Pops.
    Do they even make these anymore? They tasted so strange I'm sure it would be wild to taste one again.
  5. Milk.
    My mother made us drink milk like it was some kind of magic elixir or something. Gross. Always hated it, haven't had a glass of milk since I was 12. Does it still taste like frozen peas?
  6. Subway BMT sandwiches.
    I still eat these very rarely but I ate one every Saturday on my lunch break for over a year when I was 14/15.
  7. Little fruit candies in a circular tin.
    No idea what these were called or if they still exist.
  8. Aside: Why is this entire list sweets? Let me think...
  9. Kraft Singles "cheese".
    Would never even consider eating this anymore. But when I was little I'd peel that nasty little vulcanized slime square off its plastic and stick it right in my mouth.
  10. Kraft macaroni and cheese and canned tomatoes.
    I still consider this a delicacy.