This train wreck: "Although it's not required most of the time, but if in case we need to set some global options for the JVM that Gradle will use, Gradle provides us a convenient way to do that." 🚇
  1. Sexy daydream about an Oxford comma.
  2. Brainstorming a plot point in the novel she's been working on for seven years.
  3. Cleaning her strictly cosmetic librarian glasses.
  4. Thinking about how her mom was right about a creative writing degree.
  5. Taking the buzzfeed quiz "Which Grammatical Form Are You?"
  6. Reciting the Strunk and White Oath.
  7. Wondering what JVM and Gradle mean.
  8. Silently rehearsing a rant about how writers get all the glory and editors do all the hard work.
  9. Duolinguo
  10. Trying to recite her TBR list from memory.
  11. Freaking out over that "your list is trending" confetti.
  12. Feeling the bern a little bit even though she's mostly with her.