Tom Waits loves the moon (don't we all?) By my count he has mentioned the moon in a song more than 80 times. Here's all the things he says the moon is like.
  1. Yellow Silver
    From "All The World is Green"
  2. A Pearl
    From "Back in the Good Old World"
  3. A Coffee Stain
    From "Bottom of the World"
  4. A Bone
    From "Buma Shave" and "November"
  5. A Piece of Rotten Wood
    From "Children's Story"
  6. A Silver Slipper
    From "Drunk on the Moon"
  7. A Banana
    From "Little Trip to Heaven"
  8. China
    From "Metropolitan Glide"
  9. A Yellow Biscuit of a Buttery Cue Ball
    From "Nighthawk Postcards"
  10. Dracula
    From "Nighthawk Postcards"
  11. A Stray Dog
    From "Putnam County"
  12. A Sickle
    From "Romeo is Bleeding"
  13. Apricot
    From "Rosie"
  14. A Yellow Stain
    From "This One's From the Heart"
  15. A Grapefruit
    From "Grapefruit Moon"