1. This mini apple tart my daughter made looks like a rose.
    I think it was supposed to.
  2. This incorrectly-installed towel hook looks like a buffalo.
    He's been that way for 10 years and I kind of love him.
  3. This plaster smear looks like a camel's head.
    He watches me use the toilet. We talk sometimes.
  4. This lamp shade fringe looks like raining ice cream cones with golden cherries.
    Sometimes I think it looks like a blingy version of Space Invaders. (That was a video game before you were born.)
  5. These cracks in the road look like Australia.
    Only if you forget what Australia looks like. Don't pull up a map or you'll see I'm wrong.
  6. My daughter's friend looks like the kid from the new Pixar movie Inside Out.
    Seriously they're twins. They sound alike too. Consequently that sad face in the trailer that only shows for .5 seconds makes me want to cry.
  7. My daughter looks like a boy.
    People think she's a boy all the time. She doesn't seem to mind. She now has her head shaved and whenever she bumps into another girl with a buzz cut they exchange supportive love.