1. My skull. I cracked my skull when I was a year old by climbing up the drawer handles.
  2. Breaking my foot by climbing up 15 feet in the air and then jumping down.
  3. Broke my arm when I was two when I was swinging on a swing and flew off.
  4. Jumping on the trampoline and I did a flip but I flipped right off and landed on my back and sprained my finger.
  5. When I was like six I caught my hair on fire looking under a pan on the stove.
  6. I scraped all down my back when I was trying to see how far back I could lean in my chair at school.
  7. There was the time Isabel was swinging me on the rope swing and I swung right into the tree and got a hole in my ankle.
  8. Oh and the time Isabel gave me a black eye doing "why are you hitting yourself why are you hitting yourself".
  9. Once I peeled the skin right off the bottom of my toe but I don't remember how it happened.
    Mom: You were running down hill and tripped and it just happened.
  10. When we stayed at that cabin and I knocked the wooden rod out of the window and the window whacked down on my hand and ripped my finger nail right off. It swelled up so big the splint wouldn't fit. And I wanted to show my finger nail at show and tell.