Like that Simpson’s episode: "I wanted Mary Ann on 'Gilligan's Island' ugly, not Cornelius on 'The Planet if Apes' ugly. TV ugly, not... ugly ugly."
  1. Jeneane Garofalo in The Truth About Cats and Dogs
    Number one offender. The whole premise is that she's ugly. Problem is she's not ugly at all. She's lovely.
  2. What’s-her-name (Egg?) in Arrested Development
    Cute as a button. Bonus: Same actor in The DUFF, which I have not seen, but seriously stop.
  3. Lea Michele in Glee
    What's the opposite of the phrase "lipstick on a pig"? Because no matter how you dress her she's still gorgeous.
  4. Hermione Granger in Harry Potter
    Impossibly beautiful. To be fair the movies never really implied she was ugly but the books make it clear she's not pretty without lots of work.
  5. Willow in Buffy
    She grew up.
  6. Liz Lemon
    Smokin’, hilarious, employed. Can't get a date.
  7. Ugly Betty
    More like Betty Betty, amirite? I guess that was the point.
  8. Emma Stone in The Help
    Intolerably plain…no guy would be interested.
  9. Rachel Leigh Cooke in she's all that
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    Not ugly just wears glasses
    Suggested by @ruddybuddy