Sentimentally skewed by the order/age in which I read them. Featuring the covers I owned. Limiting myself to major works I read cover to cover here.
  1. Static
    My first, around age 15. Probably higher ranking than it deserves because it blew my little teenage mind.
  2. Static
    My third, also when I was 15. Probably my actual favorite.
  3. Static
    Not until I was 17 or 18 but up-ranked by awesomeness.
  4. Static
    My fifth, when I was 16. Also blew my mind.
  5. Static
    The fourth I read, also when I was 15, maybe 16. A mixed bag but this collection has some real gems.
  6. Static
    Read when I was 17. Upranked because I saw Vonnegut speak in Indianapolis when this was published and he signed my copy.
  7. Static
    The second I read, when I was 15. I spent a lot of time thinking about this book after reading it.
  8. Static
    Read this one (an Deadeye Dick) on a long summer trip when I was 16.
  9. Static
    I did a school paper on this my sophomore year. I remember it was delightfully weird and cynical.
  10. Static
    When I was 16. I didn't love this on my first reading but I've since grown to love it more.
  11. Static
    When I was 17. One of the last for me and for some reason I've never re-read it. Probably time to. I remember loving it.
  12. Static
    I remember reading this surreptitiously in class and not wanting to stop. Don't remember much else.
  13. Static
    When I was 16 or 17. I haven't read it since. Again I probably should.
  14. Static
    When I was 18 just to round out my obsession. Also need to re-read.
  15. Static
    This wasn't published until four years after I finished high school. Not much of a novel. More the ramblings of a cranky brilliant mind too tired to pound its thoughts into something cohesive. Still essential Vonnegut.
  16. Static
    I can't find the cover I had. It was black, but not this one. Read when I was 16 and I didn't really like it much.