Hat tip to @ChrisK for the list idea.
  1. An archeologist.
    Around age 8-10. Because of dinosaurs. Indianapolis Children's Museum FTW.
  2. An author.
    Off and on from around 12 to 18. All through school I loved writing assignments and wanted to grow up to be a non-fiction writer.
  3. An architect.
    Around age 13. Not sure where this came from. Didn't last long. I have no drawing skills whatsoever and very little interest in buildings.
  4. A computer programmer.
    Around age 15-18. At the time this was a super nerdy interest and I mostly hid it from all but my closest friends.
  5. A psychologist.
    Around age 18-19. Actually did two years as a psych major in college. I still wonder sometimes if it wouldn't have been a good choice.
  6. A computer programmer.
    Switched back to software engineering at 20 and stuck with it. Been at it professionally for almost 20 years.
  7. An author.
    But I still love to write. It's the thing I enjoy doing the most. I have published books and articles in the computer field and do creative writing for fun.