Ok you wieners. This is why I don't just abandon Facebook.
  1. I see that my mom is active and excited about spring after a long recovery from heart surgery.
    Yes I talk to her but it is so nice to see what she's up to passively throughout the week.
  2. My wife cracks me up.
  3. I catch a glimpse of my sweet niece Claire in her tender moments.
  4. I keep abreast of the amazing things going on in the life of my nephew who happens to be non-verbal autistic and is an outspoken champion for acceptance and educational opportunities for all.
  5. Pictures of my sister and my niece Rena always melt my heart.
  6. I get to see people interacting with my artsy daughter and boosting her confidence.
  7. I keep up with old friends I don't see often.
  8. I get regular updates on the newest members of the family like my cousin's baby Timmy.
  9. My daughter's life-long friend brightens my day and reminds me how much teens exceed the negative stereotypes we pile on them.
  10. All these things are only on Facebook and I'm glad I get to see it all. Even if I have to block the junk aggressively :)