1. Rape
    Being over charged, sold something you didn't want, or humped by a dog do not meet the criteria of "rape". Find another word.
  2. Draconian
    Is Facebook the government? Do they cut your hands off when you chew gum? No? Then their stupid policy isn't "draconian".
  3. Finally
    In particular as it relates to headlines about Apple, Inc. "Apple finally adds cold fusion reactor to iPhone." "Apple finally solves world hunger". "Apple finally transforms 💩 into sherbet." I do not think that word means what you think it means.
  4. Censorship
    Just because when you say terrible things people hate you for it doesn't mean you're being censored. If the government shuts you up it is censorship. If the aggregate social pressure of all sane and polite people in the world shut you up, you're just a jerk.
  5. Epic
    Epic (adj) Heroic, grand in scale. Except for that one time my wife stopped a suicidal guy from jumping off a bridge by literally pulling him from the precipice, then talked him into calling for help, I'm not personally aware of any "epic" nights that have been had.
  6. Tax
    Price premium for a particular brand? Not a tax. Retailer markup? Not a tax. Parents demand a little bit of your Halloween candy? Ok that's kind of a tax.
  7. Literally
    Suggested by @kate