Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. I should probably just apologize. In grade order.
  2. Sorry Mrs. Kanull
    For pulling over the cabinet and spilling its contents all over the floor.
  3. Sorry Mrs. Art Techer
    For giving you the middle finger through the window and then denying it when someone told on me.
  4. Sorry Mrs. Gray
    For pretending to drop my crayon and crawling around my desk like a dog.
  5. Sorry Mrs. Hobson
    For my handwriting.
  6. Sorry Mrs. Pierson
    For fighting with Nicklaus and trying to hit you when you pulled us apart. In my defense, he was a jerk and was picking on my brother. But I shouldn't have hit you.
  7. Sorry Mrs. Rockwell
    For being a cocky little jerk about the science test.
  8. Sorry Mr. Bloede
    For not applying myself. You were right.
  9. Sorry Mrs. Sinema
    For not communicating with my mother clearly and making you wait after the trip for an hour.
  10. Not Sorry Mrs. Whatever your name was
    You are a terrible person and I did not mess up the spelling bee intentionally. I'm just an honest person so I admitted it when you didn't hear.
  11. Sorry Mr. Ottinger
    For whistling through my front teeth in that way I can where you can't tell I'm doing it. I can still do it. But I don't because it was mean.
  12. Sorry Mrs. Potts
    For making fun of you behind your back saying you should be on golden girls.
  13. Not Sorry Mr. Shop Teacher
    I did *not* cheat by looking at Karen Cobane's test paper. Who cheats on a true/false shop class quiz anyway. When I told you I didn't cheat you asked me, "have you ever cheated on anything in your life" and when I said "yes" you said "then consider this punishment for a time you didn't get caught" and threw away my paper. That was a low blow and I still remember.
  14. So very very sorry Mrs. Peters
    For basically everything. But mostly because you cared so much and I cared so little.
  15. Sorry Mrs. Findlay
    Same as Mrs. Peters. Sorry sorry sorry.
  16. Sorry Mrs. Kline
    For my part in ruining your first year at the school by how poorly we knew Spanish for fourth year students. It was mostly the fault of the prior pathetic teachers but we had a hand in it.
  17. Sorry Mr. Hauptmann
    For giving you a heart attack when I pretended your electromagnetism contraption electrocuted me.