1. Sleep in til 8:00, quick shower.
  2. 8-9:00: Make breakfast for my girls. Waffles, eggs, biscuits, berries, bacon.
    Yes they have to be out the door before eight but this is my fantasy so I'm both sleeping in AND making a nice breakfast. The kitchen will already be tidy and clean before I start.
  3. 9-12:00: Walk to the library, sit by the windows on the 5th floor, south side, overlooking the arts district and read a book with no stress or obligations.
    There may be homeless people there but nobody will smell on this day.
  4. 12-1:30: Bento box lunch at Hana Japanese. Read while I eat.
    Wendy will be my server. They will have a special I've never had which I will also try.
  5. 1:30-3:30: Long walk through the city with headphones and a good podcast.
    The sun will be shining through scattered white clouds. It will not be hot. The palo verdes will be raining gold and the cactus will be in bloom.
  6. 3:30-5: Read my book some more on a bench on ASU downtown campus away from the crowds.
    Have trouble focusing on it because the beautiful day + lack of obligations has made my thoughts expansive. See all around me as though it is new for just a moment.
  7. 5-6:00: Long hot shower, relax on the couch reading the Internet.
    Lights low.
  8. 6-10:00: Dinner out with my wife someplace light but nice and unpretentious, then a show at Phoenix Theater, something moving but not sad.
  9. 10-11:30: Finish reading my book.
  10. 11:30-12:15: Sit in bed and think about how overwhelmingly awesome the book was. Feel like the world will never be the same.
  11. 12:15: Drift off to sleep.