If They Hadn't Already Done a Reboot of Ghostbusters, This is Who I Would've Cast

Ayyye guess what it's not all male and it's not all female. Also, not all of these people would play Ghostbusters. Some of them would be police officers and such.
  1. John Cho.
    A Ghostbuster.
  2. Ellie Kemper.
    A Ghostbuser's Assistant who is seen as incompetent but ends up being instrumental in the plot resolution; is crowned an official Ghostbuster.
  3. Donald Glover.
  4. Bobby Moinihan.
    The mayor. Maybe evil?
  5. Mindy Kailing.
    A Ghostbuster. She doesn't get to wear cute clothes in this. For once, I will be the better dressed of the two of us.
  6. Ted Danson.
    Ted Danson. Ted Singin'. Ted Movin' to the Groovin'.