K: actual boss, male, early 50s, Ron Swanson-type. D: not technically my boss, more of a mentor, female, early 50s, Leslie Knope-type.
  1. "The best place to get pregnant is California"
    Re: maternity leave...prior to this comment I hadn't considered involving my boss in my reproductive choices, but it's good to know the option is there (K: 6/6)
  2. "Let me tell you how you can really get in trouble with heroin"
    Explaining toxicological mechanisms to me (the answer was cutting it with fentanyl and tolerance variability as a function of time) (K: 6/13)
  3. "You have the skin of an angel"
    Not gonna lie, I really needed this that day (D: 7/6)
  4. "I wonder how much of the total, global energy production is currently going into fueling Pokemon Go?"
    After teaching me about Pokemon GO...for context, D is in her 50s and I am in my 20s. She is much cooler than me. (D: 7/12)
  5. "K continues to be anhedonic. Offered fun, retreated to pit"
    Said by D, re: K's skepticism of Pokemon GO and head scratching apparatuses (D: 7/13)