I've had to take Myers Briggs personality tests dozens of times for various classes, projects and interviews over the course of the last 10 years - and I've gotten ENFP every. Single. Time. So here's more ENFPs to prove I'm in good company. Feel free to submit others (including yourself!)
  1. Gwen Stefani
    Yes. That's right. We share a first name AND a specific way of processing the world around us.
  2. Hunter S. Thompson
    Questioning the validity of this due to copious drug use?
  3. Oscar Wilde
    I too am full of witty remarks and comebacks. Not as witty, though.
  4. Robin Williams
    Bold, beautiful and talented soul. Genuinely wish I had the opportunity to meet him, I spent my entire life feeling like we'd have a lot to talk about.
  5. Anne Frank
    I'm also a massive fan of journaling and finding dramatic and distracting stories in every situation.
  6. Mark Twain
    My mother is an AP English teacher in the deep, Deep South, so she would love this shit.
  7. Fidel Castro
    I mean. We're not all beautiful creative souls. Sometimes you process things similarly to an evil dude. It's fine.
  8. Ellen DeGeneres
    100% waiting for my invite to dance with her. Still. Waiting.
  9. Izzie Stephens
    Oh, what's that? A tendency to fall madly in love with someone that you barely know who is kind of off limits, fondness for becoming emotionally involved at inappropriate times, having emotions about things that don't involve you, ignoring things that have massive emotional meaning, and therapeutic baking in mass quantities? Don't mind me, I just have my fourth batch of cookies (of the day) in the oven.
  10. Angie Harmon
    One of my top 4 ADAs in any and all Law and Order universe (top 5 prosecutor/litigators in any universe because my dad is the best AUSA in the world, especially when it comes to bankruptcy fraud)
  11. Ariel from Disney's "A Little Mermaid" (not the original character)
    In addition to being scattered brain, idealistic and adventurous, I also look fantastic with red hair (not a shell bra though)