I lived in Alabama from 2000 until 2014. It made up a lot of who I am.
  1. A weird internal clock to be in a serious relationship and get married and settle down and procreate in your mid 20s
    Like *I* know I'm not mature enough right now to be in a forever relationship much less raise a child, but this weird voice in my head is telling me that it's time and also I should buy my child Auburn Football onesies and named them something that ends in "Ayden". Most of my peers from back home are settling down and I'm scared that this means I need to as well or else I'll miss my chance??(also I'm 23 right now)
  2. Constant awareness that I have 20x the white privilege of anyone from other areas of the country
    Going home over Christmas reminded me how few people of color have been able to succeed in the Deep South - because the odds are completely stacked against them. Kids in my high school were raised in the same houses their families lived in as sharecroppers while I got out of a lot of speeding tickets for crying. Coming back to the south has opened my eyes to how much I took for granted and was ignorant about.
  3. Big dogs > any other pets.
    I would never ever ever put Scully in the bed of a truck or take her hunting, but I have no interest in owning a dog that I can carry easily.
  4. I have zero idea of what to do in the snow but I'll save your life in a hurricane.
    Wanna know what my family used to do during hurricanes? We'd sit in the back porch and rate wind gusts. Yeah the power would be out for a few days but we had a gas stove and filled our bath tubs with tap water and had our hand crank radio and cord house phone, so really who cares that there was a live oak across the driveway? (Note this only applies for category 3 and below - always evacuate for 4s and above.
  5. Don't even talk to me about humidity.
    In the summer, I would walk out of my parents' front door and my glasses would immediately fog up. Moving to New York at the beginning of the summer, I constantly heard people complain about the humidity - and it would be one of the driest days of my life.