If you're happy and you know it, it's your meds!
  1. Did I remember to put on pants?
  2. I have a headache.
  3. Did I text him back?
  4. How the fuck are omega-3s supposed to do the same thing as adderall?
  5. How many aspirin is too much?
  6. What do I need to pack this summer?
  7. I should read a book.
  8. I should finish those paintings.
  9. I should do the laundry.
  10. Am I hungry or bored?
  11. Was I supposed to do the dishes yesterday?
  12. Everyone's always so angry at me. I'm angrier, though.
  13. What day is it?
  14. Is my train ticket for 7am or 7pm?
  15. Maybe aliens are watching me and will whisk me away soon.
  16. Meditate.
  17. Do yoga.
  18. Take your vitamins.
  19. Fuck it, I'll just do meth.
  20. What is 5×6?
  21. I'm an idiot.