GIFS that show up when I search my name

  1. Um what
  2. So obv this is what comes up w/"Gwen" as a search
    (although "Gwen cello" basically only yields me?!? Which feels crazy and cool and makes me think my parents are even more awesome than I already do, for giving me an unusual name and letting me wind up in a weird job. (Also despite having basically opposite hair this is like, weirdly accurate to me)
  3. Also uncannily accurate
  4. Beginning to think Gwen Stefani and I are kind of the same person
    ...and now not feeling as weird for using her name whenever someone doesn't understand what I'm saying when I introduce myself(?). I once called Boston Metrocab (this was pre-Uber haha?) and when the dispatcher couldn't understand me I was like "Like Gwen Stefani" and there was a weird pause and she was like "........IS this Gwen Stefani?" And I was like "No" and also thinking "she's not in a random fucking studio apt on Marlborough Street trying to get to NEC to play a concert of piano trios"
  5. This is way at the bottom of the list and I have no idea what it's from...
    But just taking this opportunity to say that Robert Downey Jr. is basically the my idea of the sexiest man on screen ever. I just can't. (AAHHHH 😍🔥)