I spend so much time playing and thinking about music and having music stuck in my head that I almost never listen for fun, EXCEPT when I have a longish car ride by myself (or with the dog 😉💜🐶). Since most of my music libe is classical it makes approximately 0 sense on shuffle mode (pieces take up maybe 3-25 tracks and need to be in order), ha:
  1. First mvt of 18-5
    Before I realized it was on shuffle, and the Juilliard Quartet recording came on via Bluetooth and I was like 😄😅😆
  2. Slow mvt of 18-1
    ALSO before I realized it was on shuffle, because the JSQ recording of this slow mvt is so goddamn gorgeous and then like halfway through i was like "why is this not the scherzo of 18-5"
  3. Seymour playing the first mvt of Beethoven 14-1
    Seymour makes me cry every time and I miss him and this is so beautiful.
  4. Last mvt of the Schumann piano quartet
    Which I basically hate, and it was this bizarre very old recording by my Dad's quartet but like 20 yrs before he joined and with Glenn Gould it's SO WEIRD (but Bobby in the coda: ❤️)
  5. Pete Seeger singing Yankee Doodle Dandy
    So confused by this, I skipped it
  6. The Florestan Trio playing WoO 38
    I'm so in love w/Anthony but I fucking can't w/piano trios right now, esp WoOs holy god. (Skipped it.)
  7. Frank Sinatra singing White Christmas
    Also confused by this and skipped it but not because I didn't wanna listen but because I DO wanna listen in like three months
  8. A piece by Gubaidulina for bayan, vln, and cello
    Um I skipped this
  9. Second mvt of the Arensky cello quartet
    I did not choose to have this on my phone and I will never willingly listen to Arensky (incl today)
  10. Dvorak "American" quartet in this amazing rec by the Hungarian quartet
    But it turned out to be the slow mvt so I couldn't go there right then and skipped it
  11. So schon bedient, du reizende Nymphe
    From "Die ägyptische Helena," duh, but since I barely know any Richard Strauss and this was from the random second act of this random opera I'm glad I skipped this
  12. The second mvt of a trio by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich played by the KLR trio
    I don't like this kind of music I skipped it
  13. Seymour playing the first mvt of the Waldstein sonata it was so amazing
  14. The last mvt of 1-2
    Again w/the piano trio thing but like Anthony is so amazing that I went ahead and listened (most piano trio recs I own are Florestan things from before I had a trio) but this mvt gives me literal nightmares so aside from making Ari listen to it right now I won't hear it again I think
  15. A song from the Juno soundtrack
    I used to be a hopeless romantic and go running to the Juno soundtrack while I lived in Oberlin as a kiddo, and almost every element of this is totally obsolete now
  16. The last mvt of the Dvorak vla quintet (amazing rec by the Raphael Ensemble)
    This is like possibly my favorite piece ever but I skipped it because...I had listened to the Dvorak vla quintet this morning and actually the last mvt twice in a row, the first of which times made me burst into tears in the coda. I just couldn't do it emotionally again.
  17. Seymour playing the slow movement of Op. 2, no. 3
    Almost cry every time Seymour plays, like I said, but fast forwarded because an early Beethoven adagio would have made me dissolve while driving on I-90...
  18. Then my phone tried to play me the first mvt of a Boccherini guitar quintet
    Ugh this is a long story but it has to do with a horrifying year when I learned 60 pieces and almost died and had to play a Boccherini guitar quintet
  19. Seymour playing the last mvt of Op. 26
    Connects from before I think. Too emotionally spent for more Seymour by this point (skipped it and it's so beautiful so I'll listen later...)
  20. Leonard Bernstein introducing the Jackasses and Cuckoo mvts of Carnival of the Animals
    So confusing and so delightful, and then even better because the Saint-Saëns never actually played hahaha
  21. The scherzo from the "Trout" quintet
    Mm but the rec was boring (this movement never works for me except in my head and in this amazing old rec of Artur Balsam, I love him.)
  22. Sufjan Stevens singing a religious-seeming Christmas song
    I wish Christmas songs weren't religious and I'm not happy it will be legit cold sometime not that far from now
  23. Pavarotti singing some of L'Elisir
    I think I had never really heard any Pavarotti before I'm SO IN LOVE
  24. The JSQ playing the slow movement of Op. 95
    My Dad's opening is so heartbreakingly gorgeous and then Bobby in the coda before the sideslip, oh my god. But THEN it ends with a really arresting terrifying half cadence and I was like "oh no wtf are they going to play now" and...
  25. Some "canticle" (???) by Gubaidulina
    Which played for maybe a tenth of a second before I decided it wasn't time for more shuffling since i was gonna get Ari anyway 😂❤️