1. Clean my bathroom.
    Toilet and sink for regular procrastination. Tub for serious procrastination.
  2. Deep, dark social media stalking of boyfriend's/crush's/current love interest's exes.
    No matter how many details I know about their lives, there is always something new to discover!
  3. Prepare a meal that involves more than a microwave.
  4. Online shop for "work" clothes. Or workout clothes.
    This is much easier to justify in my head because both will benefit me in the long run! Right?
  5. Watch YouTube videos to motivate me.
    Always ends in me watching Beyoncé music video dance tutorials.
  6. Daydreaming about which celebrities I think would want to be friends with me if we met and what activities we would do together.
    Go to coffee shops with Drake and just talk. Go thrifting with Lena and make one of those movie dressing room montages. Anything with Hannibal Buress. Also, Larry David would never want to be friends with me but I constantly day dream about going to NBA games together.
  7. Making lists (usually on paper but now I have this handy app!)