1. Singer
    This dream never died
  2. Veterinarian
    I volunteered at a vet's office for a little bit. I was mostly in charge of the puppies, giving me a total dream job and total incomplete picture of what being a veterinarian is like.
  3. Archaeologist
    I myself don't even understand where this dream came from.
  4. Graphic Designer
    Sad ending to this dream. I found a letter from my mom to her dad saying she didn't know if I would make any money, so I never pursued it.
  5. Environmental Engineer
    This was when I thought windmills were cool and before I figured out I'm terrible at all things science and math.
  6. Wedding Planner
    This would still be a super amazing job to me.
  7. Culinary apprentice in France
    I thought about going to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris for a while and then staying in France to apprentice for a real chef. Still an absolute dream.
  8. Bakery/tea shop owner
    Go to the FourTeas in Stratford upon Avon and you will totally understand why I wanted/want to do this.