Requested by @catharuin
  1. Instruments I can play:
  2. Violin
    I started when I was 7 years old, but recently stopped practicing everyday and decided to go part time with it
  3. Flute
    Started in 6th grade band and immediately fell in love. It's become my primary instrument actually
  4. Piano
    The newest recruit
  5. Instruments I want to play:
  6. Clarinet
    Despite the high school marching band flute-clarinet rivalry, it's the first on the list
  7. Cello
    Why didn't I play this first instead? It's probably the most beautiful string instrument
  8. Guitar
    I love watching my talented friends sing and play the guitar — two things I can't do — at shows
  9. All percussion instruments
    I play the piano, so why not marimba?
  10. Bassoon
    The Sorcerer's Apprentice just wouldn't be the same without
  11. And finally, the first instrument ever created... voice
    Everyone knows how, but to sing in a group and in front of people takes practice