Requested by @BWN_7
Requested by @BWN_7
  1. This was really hard for me to think of, for my memories are quite fuzzy
    Did I dream that moment? Or was it real? The world may never know...
  2. But I did think of one day that I'll remember forever
    And not because of how great that day was or how happy I felt
  3. But because was stung by a jelly fish
    Not how one would normally get stung, by wading in the shallow ocean. No. I picked up the sucker with my two hands — one on the top and one holding the tentacles.
  4. Now, I didn't pick it up because I knew it was a jellyfish and thought it would be awesome if my entire right arm stung in the end, I honestly thought it was one of those little Dolphins people hang from their review mirror.
    This might've been the point when my eyesight started to get bad. This was at 10 years old and I didn't get glasses until I was 14
  5. But I wasn't alone. My family and I were with another family consisting of parents and two sons, one my age and one younger.
    The one my age, Alan, touched the jellyfish too
  6. The pain of this sting isn't the moment I'd like to relive, rather the bonding moment Alan and I had and the remainder of the day
    We didn't let that jellyfish and our stupidity get in the way of fun! We had a sand ball fight at the beach (which isn't the best idea ever when people start to aim above your middle) and we ate tons of good food.
  7. That part was fun and one of my most vivid memories