My family and I went on a cross-country road trip visiting colleges for myself, then to see family and to attend an awesome music camp (well, I went to the camp anyways)
  1. We saw a billboard advertising jigsaw puzzles
    Who knew?
  2. Midwesterners LOVE their fudge
    There was a sign for a different fudge factory just about every mile
  3. An awesome candy factory filled with everything you can imagine (including fudge)
    Carrotcake taffy anyone?
  4. Alongside the World's Largest Gift Store
  5. A wild turkey on the side of the road
    Several actually (all alive, no worries)
  6. The BEST ice cream ever... Twice!
    Real mint ice cream that wasn't dyed green, yum.
  7. The Cup Flute
    A trick I learned at music camp. We had a chorus of flute players playing a cup within minutes while the clarinetists tried desperately to do the same.
  8. Oh, and I finally got an Instagram!
    Follow me!
  9. I went tubing with my cousins and now my arms hurt
    Wish I had pictures, but my phone's safety would have been at risk on the boat
  10. Just about all the interesting stuff
    I was at camp for 2 weeks so I missed all the cool mountain climbing and other cool stuff :(