Things on my bookshelf

I have a lot of random things laying about my room, most of them restinf upon three white shelves attached to a gray wall.
  1. Some trinkets have stories behind them, and others are just there
    Like the pink bottle, small piggy bank, candles, little light houses, brown box and yellow shot glass that holds my small magnetic book marks
  2. One of my masks
    Worn at the masquerade prom this year. The idea of a masquerade seemed fun and all, but no one thought of how every girls' updo and makeup would look after they take off their masks
  3. The other mask is from a Madrigras party in French
  4. A Beethoven bust. I've got one of Brahms too
    These were from my first violin teacher. I think I won them or something? I don't quite remember...
  5. A chocolate frog box from Universal Studios
    This was a gift from a fellow Harry Potter fan. My card was of Albus Dumbledore (of course)
  6. Ceramic clogs
    Another gift from my dad's travels (he tried to get me something from each country he went to)
  7. A mug from a TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) convention I attended
    This is one of my several mugs that I own. I enjoy collecting them
  8. This little black thing, my friends is a broken chin rest from my violin
    I was about 10, and it was right before an orchestra concert. I thought it'd be a great idea to lean my elbow on the part of the chin rest that is suspended above my violin and it snapped. I'm lucky I didn't drill a hole through the actual violin.
  9. My first nutcracker and a mosaic frog from Spain (gift from my dad again)
    Not sure where the nutcracker is from though
  10. A stuffed giraffe from Ireland
    Something my friend brought back from her People to People trip in 8th grade
  11. One out of three elephants from a hotel in Thailand
    Can you find the others?
  12. Micky mouse ears from our marching band trip last spring
    I have a minnie mouse head band too
  13. A Russian doll, a wand from my aunt and uncle (which started my Harry Potter obsession) and my corsage from prom
    I'm drying out the flower
  14. The clover painting was a gift from my best friend's mom who painted it for my birthday just before they moved to Australia
  15. And of course, the books on those shelves are only a portion of my collection
  16. On my nightstand
  17. Some of the books I read for school this year
  18. Some too heavy to put on the shelves
  19. And books I have yet to unpack from our move last summer