Things you can use to blow your nose

  1. Tissue
    Fairly standard, disposable method. The most socially acceptable tool.
  2. Handkerchief
    In my opinion, the most disgusting tool for nose blowing. It's not even soft and doesn't possess the strength you know is going to hold all your snot. And people carry around these sticky things all day? Foul.
  3. Paper towel
    Only to be used in case of emergency. Your nose will be sore and bleed but at least you're not covered in snot?
  4. Shirt
    This is fine if you have no sense of decency or you're 8 years old
  5. Towel
    The most luxurious method. Soft and strong, and a large surface area to catch all the snot in the world. But don't dirty up a fresh towel to blow your nose!! Laundry is expensive!
  6. Used towel
    Better. Hey, it's already dirty.
  7. Dog
    He doesn't deserve that!
  8. Hands
    I've seen someone do this. Don't be that guy.