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Well I guess most of my life happens at school
  1. Somebody stole my gummy worms. I know it was you .....☹️
  2. I don't think my teacher likes me
    #beingtheonlynonAmericaninCivicsclass #discrimination
An continuing list about the kinds of kids at my (middle) school.
  1. The Stuck-Up Girls
    Ok, so I know not all of them are necessarily stuck up but that's all I can think of. Now these are the girls who chose PE, not to play sports but to hook up with guys. I even overheard them talking about clothing and the 'right' makeup and how what so-and-so had on was 'totally amazing'. In PE! And they think they look so good and they talk that stereotypical way and chew gum. They have regularly manicured nails and wear DRESSES to PE. Middle school isn't Match.com or the Runway.
  2. The Boys Who Fall For Their Tricks
    Some of these are just male versions of the stuck-ups. Some are the decent kind you'll be friends with but they are lured into waste their time talking to these *beep* girls. And you probably can't befriend them cause the idiot girls who don't realise that one boy can't have 15 girlfriends will massacre you and completely cuss you out. You're better off just ignoring them— for your own good.