Things I "Splurge" On....

Call it whatever you'd like, but I think we all have a few certain things that we don't mind spending the extra money on if we have it. Or we just flat out think one brand is better than the other. You know what I mean. Anyways. This is my list of stuff I refuse to be cheap about. Just for fun
  1. Contact lenses
    This feels obvious
  2. Peanut butter
    I don't know why, I don't....but cheap peanut butter just sounds gross
  3. Shaving razors
    Sensitive skin and shit
  4. Butter
    Maybe I just have a thing about butters, idk
  5. Perfume
    It costs so much because it will stick to your skin literally forever
  6. Underwear
    Come on
  7. Pop tarts
    Just NOOO brand name tastes so much better
  8. Face wipes
    The cheap ones will rip your face off
  9. Air freshener
    Name brand febreze just....smells better?
  10. Bottled water
    Because pH balances are like, a real thing
  11. Sunscreen
    I'm sure the off brands aren't much different but it's just worth it to take care of your skin