1. Ansel Elgort
    he cheated on me so it was not a good situation
  2. Josh Hutcherson
    he had a James Dean attitude and took me on crazy adventures
  3. Liam Hemsworth
    we were in the Hunger Games.. we lived dw
  4. Zac Efron
    he was ice skating in WalMart and we met up at McDonalds
  5. The Tiger From The Jungle Book (I know he isn't really a celebrity but....)
    he tried to kill me so I hid in a bin of barbies
  6. Kylie Jenner
    she came to my cousins birthday party and we took a selfie .. it was everything
  7. Derek Hough from DWTS
    we danced the salsa and ate caesar salad
  8. Stefan and Damon from TVD
    Damon tried to drink my blood while Stefan taught me how to drive. They both developed a crush on me and Stefan wouldn't stop texting me.
  9. Miles Teller
    Best. Boyfriend. Ever.
  10. Justin Bieber
    We met at a 7 11 and we bumped into each other and then the next day we switched bodies and I took a bunch of videos and pictures and sent them to my email so that when we switched back I would have them forever.
  11. Angelina Jolie
    She invited me over and we just chilled in her room and talked about boys and make up tips. It was really rad.