1. Spectro Jel Cleanser for combination skin
    this was what saved my preteen skin from breakouts after dance classes. the scent is kind of medicine-ish but overall kept my skin clear however it didn't have any cool commercials which made me turn to clean & clear which did nothing for my skin.
  2. St. Ives Apricot Scrub
    probably the worst thing I ever did to my skin. it doesn't even smell that good and left my skin feeling peely and looking red. this hurt my skin and doesn't protect it at all. However... I now use it as a body scrub for my arms and it works.
  3. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
    one of the best cleansers I've ever used. I switch between this one and cetaphil all the time. the only thing that's sucks about this product is the price.
  4. Cetaphil oily skin cleanser
    holy grail product. it's not fancy but it works
  5. Philosophy one step facial cleanser in Purity
    this one is good with the clarisonic but I only use it when I travel