From worst to best I've had far too many jobs to still have no idea what I want to do in life
  1. Logix Health 2012
    Aka cube monkey.. I lasted a strong 4 months of monotony scanning the same things all day everyday. I've never despised a job more.
  2. Barrett family Nanny 2014-2015
    Nannying was one of my favorite jobs until this family came along. After six months they made me not only take care of their kids but also be their maid. They didn't inform me of their pet snake and tarantula until after I agreed to work for them. Their cat attacked me constantly causing a new life fear of cats. Never again will I full time nanny after this family.
  3. TD Bank Teller 2010
    Here I lasted a whole 3 months exactly. Working here made me realize I am not a sales person nor a uniform person.
  4. Administrative Assistant 2011-2012
    Working in the presidents office of a hospital was a cool job. I felt very important here although being the assistant to an assistant gave me no work to do. Having a nice desk and office is only good when you have things to do at them.
  5. Spine Center Front Desk 2011
    At this job I felt fancy having to dress up every day and greet patients. The doctors would bring us in free food and were fun to work with. The down part was working at a spine center means patients in chronic pain wanting appointment right away which we couldn't accommodate. Being yelled at over the phone daily become old real fast
  6. Market Basket 2005-2010
    My longest job to date starting at age 14 until I was 21. People hate on grocery store jobs all the time, but working here I made friends for a life time. Being promoted to the courtesy booth made my job more enjoyable and having crazy lottery customers made it comical. I still keep in touch with a lot of people I worked with here and will always cherish it. Market Basket for life!
  7. Harmon Family Nanny 2013-2014
    My favorite family I have ever worked for hands down. This family made me love nannying due to their great family values. Caring parents polite and lovable children and they introduced me to my new favorite town to explore, Concord. I still keep in touch with this family even though I don't get to see them often.
  8. Flatbread present job
    After an awful nanny job I realized I need adult conversation again and decided to try out working at a restaurant. I sure did pick the right place. Organic local grown hand made pizza and salads only. Everyone is encouraged to be who they are and express themselves. Such an open and friendly environment it's great to be happy at a job again.