Mostly food-related. 🍝🍕
  1. Pasta + LOTS of other carbs, which I have no problem consuming daily.
  2. The special, at times slightly dangerous agreement drivers and pedestrians have - you can totally jaywalk all the time as long as oncoming traffic can see you.
  3. Skiing for the first time - which just happened to happen in the Alps.
  4. European hot chocolate - the thickest, yummiest hot drink!
  5. GELATO that they bring to your door! The superior frozen dessert.
  6. Joy (usually as a direct result of food).
  7. Multiple food babies.
  8. The most crowded subway cars I've ever been in.
  9. The worst feelings of homesickness, in the best place possible to experience it. All you have to do is go outside + you feel better.
  10. Complete wonder at some amazing old buildings.
  11. As a Canadian, seeing everyone wear the brand "Canadian" and knowing none of that stuff is from Canada.