1. 10) wearing a skirt and short sleeves as I step in snow #fortheinsta or pro pic in this case
  2. 9) taken in a 6th grade classroom. Showing off my 11 year old flexible bod
  3. 8) a picture of my best friend In a rasta hat, had as my profile picture for a 5 months. Why? Couldn't tell you
  4. 7) "me stuck in a locker hehe"
  5. 6) including a girl I now hate, adult onesies, and vulgar signs we made for one direction's first trip to America
  6. 5) Sunglasses from Claire's and a desperate caption of "I'm so hot boys date me" tried to play off as one of my friend "hacking" my Facebook, but I know for a fact I captioned it that myself
  7. 4) this one was captioned, "me being depressed" because a black and white filter does that to a girl
  8. 3) "me and my phone in a closet" not much else to say here
  9. 2) GNO at Claire's
  10. 1) #nofilter