Inspired by @megan .
  1. Thrift store I volunteered at
    I was volunteering at my thrift shop with a terrible migraine. I felt it coming up and started walking to the back room but was cut off by an old woman that worked there. We got to the door to the back room, equipped with 2 handles for some reason, "sometimes they can be a little tricky!" the old woman told me & when she finally got the door open I started throwing up all over the floor. In between blows I kept saying "I'm so sorry" and the old woman just stood behind me repeating "oh honey"
  2. Friends driveway
    Morning after the 4th of July. I slept over at my coworkers house and had already been throwing up all morning. She drove us down to our cars (she lives far away in the hills) and before I got into my car I threw up on the gravel. Embarrassed, I tried to cover it up with the rocks around me before anyone could see it
  3. I really thought I had more throw up stories, maybe now that I am in college this will be a growing list. Check back here every few weeks there will probably be more locations