Incidents of pure frustration that actually make me extremely angry and violent
  1. Vacuuming
    ESPECIALLY when the stupid vacuum gets stuck on pieces of furniture and you have to pull at it to come around...also gets very annoying when the vacuum topples onto its side
  2. Reaching for something on the floor while sitting in a chair or lying in bed
    Specifically when the desired item is JUST out of reach, you're so close but so far. I recently experienced this when trying to grab my water bottle from over the back of my chair, I could touch the bottle but couldn't grasp it and my arm started to cramp up and once I finally grabbed it I was like: HOLY FUCK and returned to my studying
  3. Probably one only girls will understand but: braiding my own hair
    When it keeps coming out terrible and your arms are getting tired but you power through reluctantly and then get frustrated so you start pulling on your hair really hard almost as a way to punish yourself? Idk maybe just me
  4. Getting tangled in your cords under your desk
    The slight sense of panic but also overwhelming sense of frustration because your just like: HOW is it actually possible that I am THIS tangled in these cords
  5. When you get stuck in a sweater
    This is worse if it's in public. But I mainly get angry because I'm a grown ass woman who should be able to put a sweater on without help. ><
    Suggested by @estherlimtf