Fictional Characters I Can Relate to

None of these really describe me, but I see myself in pieces of each of these characters.
  1. Flapjack. Because I also only need candy and satisfaction.
  2. Michael Scott. It's sad how things I've said that are almost identical to what he says. Most I've said before I ever watched The Office. He is my spirit animal.
  3. Bree Van De Kamp. She is the epitome of stepford wife. I love her spunk and and that we both love homemaking and following rules.
  4. Amy Elliot Dunne. She does not put up with anything. I would probably do the same thing if my husband ever did that. Did I mention my husband also moved me from NY to Missouri? Specifically Carthage, Missouri.
  5. Chanel Oberlin. She isn't afraid to say anything. Even though mostly everything she says is horribly offensive. It makes me laugh and want to say horribly offensive things too. Don't worry, those thoughts never reach my lips.
  6. Ash from Fantastic Mr. Fox. He's grumpy, tells it how it is and he prefers to be an athlete. Sums up my life.