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  1. Ride the bull at steel creek
  2. Make it to at least 3 bars for my 21 run
  3. Go fishing in the sound
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  1. This BS
    If I want to sob, I should be allowed to
  2. An elderly woman reading some smutty romance novel in the corner, laughing at all of us trying to study
  3. A kid walking in with a pillow
    We've all been there buddy
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  1. What is happening here
  2. I'm so vain
  3. Family selfie stick. Enough said.
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  1. Netflix. Because one more episode of Greys is worth it
  2. Clean my room
  3. Fold my laundry
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  1. Puked in someone's purse then left
  2. Left a party wearing the wrong persons shoes
  3. Convinced myself that it's okay to pee while walking if you are wearing a skirt, then proceeded to walk home in my boots filled with pee
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