1. Ride the bull at steel creek
  2. Make it to at least 3 bars for my 21 run
  3. Go fishing in the sound
  4. Go on a hiking adventure
  5. Canada?!?!
  6. Spend a whole day just doing nice things for people
  7. Get some sort of exercise 5 days a week
  8. Have a cook-off competition with the housemates
  9. Try a new recipe once a week
  10. Fondue night
  11. Dr. Oxyen Dolphin Party
    You know who you are
  12. Try to be more daring with clothing!
  13. Go to red hot at least once!
  14. Bloody Mary at DOA
  15. Run point D 1 X a month
  16. Enter a fitness challenge with friends
  17. See how many day streak I can get at expand
  18. Eat organic
  19. Make time for friends individually
  20. VEGAS
  21. Pass music theory and aural skills
  22. Drink wine in the library with friends
  23. Spend more time in the library
  24. Spend time each day doing something for myself
  25. Write down the things I'm grateful for
  26. Tell everyone I love them a little more
  27. Throw a Super Bowl party
  28. Have a party in honor of my new grand little
  29. Knit and crochet some cool stuff - scarves for friends, socks for Jake, sweater for my brother
  30. Go on exploration walks
  31. Read for fun every once in awhile
  32. Laugh more!!!!