Best Advice I've Ever Received

I'm a real downer at times, and advice I never understood as a kid helps me a lot now.
  1. Be selfish
    This one is kinda obvious. When I was younger, I wasn't the best at not being a brat when necessary. I would always get in trouble for being so selfish, so I started putting other people's need before my own. As I get older, I see that being selfish sometimes helps a lot in certain situations. You just gotta learn what those situations are.
  2. Don't let what people say or think about you effect you.
    Also an obvious statement. This little piece of mindful advice has personally gotten me through some tough times. Like, if someone said they don't like the way your pants fit, don't change your pants, change your attitude. Don't listen to them.
  3. Shit happens
    Sometimes you just have to deal with shit. Eventually, you'll realize it was all for a good reason.
  4. Be confident
    Have you ever noticed that it's easy to tell when people aren't confident in themselves? Honestly, people with self confidence always have a glow to their faces and just look better all around.
  5. And remember that we're all human
    Nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes. Sometimes we have to pick ourselves up and applaud ourselves. Yay strength!