1. Lie about your previous chemical services
    We ask you about this for a reason. That reason is to prevent unwanted surprises, like your hair breaking off or turning a spectacular shade of blorange. Also, 95% of the time we're pretty sure your ends are not naturally 3 shades darker than your roots.
  2. Cut your own bangs
    Most of us offer complimentary bang trims in between your haircut appointments because you hacking at your bangs with a dull pair of poultry shears makes our heads explode. PLEASE take us up on this freebie
  3. Tell us you picked up professional shampoo for a sweet deal at Walmart/Target
    That sweet price is because that product is either fake, expired or diverted (meaning it's been sold illegally). In the case of professional haircare products, unless you buy it from a salon there is no guarantee of what is actually in that bottle
  4. Attempt a home colour correction
    Seriously, don't. We spent thousands on our education so that you do not need to pay hundreds to fix your mistake
  5. Show up 20 minutes late every time you have an appointment with us
    Stylists live their work lives in 15 minute increments and if you show up late for every appointment, not only are you inconveniencing us, but that can cause us to run late the rest of the day, which then pisses the rest of our day's clients off. Do this regularly and you will be finding yourself a new stylist
  6. Moan orgasmically during a shampoo
    While we are thrilled you're enjoying the scalp massage that much, the moaning is sort of freaky. You showing your appreciation of our shampooing skills in the form of a tip is much more appreciated by U.S.